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We are also supplying below Machineries:

AC HV Test set up to 300KV AC, 5000mA
DC HV Test set up to 75KV, 10mA
Surge Comparison Tester up to 40KV
Capacitance & Tan / Delta bridge
Core Loss Tester (Computerized)
Voltage drop Tester (Computerized)
Motor Test System up to 6000HP – 14KV
Transformer Test System up to 50MVA – 132KV
Motor Generator Set up to 1000KVA – 180HZ
Transformer Turn Ratio Meter
Winding Resistance Meter
DC Motor neutral axis setting unit
Partial Discharge Detector up to 66KV
Dynamic Balancing Machine up to 100T capacity
Vibration Spectrum Analyser
Bearing Coupling Puller
Armature / Rotor Stand
Coil looping / Winding Fixture
Wire stripping Machine
Pneumatic & Hydraulic coil Spreader (PLC)
Coil Tapping Machine (CNC)
Coil Moulding Press (Semi-auto & PLC)
Conductor Straightening & Cutting
Stator Holding rotators
Rotor Banding Machine / Tensioning Equipment
Wedge Cutting machine
Curing Oven
Bearing Heater
Magnetic Lamination deburring Machine
Magnetic Lamination Varnishing Plant
Motor Test Bench & Testing equipment
Coil cut off & pulling Machine
Coil Looping / Winding Machine
Insulation Cutter
Wedge beveling Machine
Strip on edge winding Machine
Mica undercutting Machine
Winder Hand Tools

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