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Supported by Paramount Conductors Ltd, India


Spare Coils
  • LT/HT AC Stator Coils: 13.8kV/50MW
  • Slipring/Wound Rotor Coils: 13.8kV/50MW
  • Squirrel Cage Rotor Bars: any size and shape
  • Armature Coil: 7000kW
  • Field/Interpole Coil: 50MW
  • Transformer Coils: 220kV/100MVA
  • Electromagnet Coil: any range/ type
  • Induction Heater Coil: any range/ type

    Insulated Copper / Aluminium-wires / strips
  • Double Glass Yarn Covered Varnish Bonded
  • Enamelled Double Glass Yarn Covered Varnish Bonded.
  • Enamelled/polyester Taped Glass Yarn Covered Varnish Bonded.
  • Kapton/nomex/teflon/mica/cotton Covered.
  • Double/multi Kraft Paper Covered.
  • Subermisible Winding Wire.
    Technical Services
  • Technical Know-how For Setting Up Rewinding Shop/conductor Manufacturing Plant
  • Motor Redesigning And Conversion
  • Manufacturing Of Spare Stator, Rotor And Armature
  • Manpower Selection And Training
  • Supply Of Insulating Materials And Spares For Motors, Generators, Transformers And Magnets.

    Machine Manufacturing
  • Machines For Insulated Conductors
  • Testing Instruments For Insulated Conductors
  • Machines For Coil Manufacturing And Rewinding Of Motors, Generators, Transformers And Magnets
  • Testing Instruments For Motors And Transformers Rewinding


    Motor & Generator Rewinding
  • LT/HT AC/DC Stator Winding
  • Rotor Recaging / Rebaring
  • Rotor Diecasting
  • Field Rewinding
  • Core Staggering / Reinsulation
  • New Lamination / Core
  • Commutator Reinsulation & Rebuilding
  • Slipring Repair & Rebuilding

    Transformer Rewinding and Repair
  • Power Transformer
  • Distribution Transformer
  • Furnace Transformer
  • ESP Transformer
  • Instrument Transformer

    Magnetic Equipment Repair
  • Lifting Magnet Rewinding
  • Magnetic Separator Rewinding
  • Transformer Rectifier Set & Accessories

    Mechanical Service
  • Metal Spraying for Rebuilding Surfaces
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Shaft Replacements
  • New Stator Yoke/Body
  • End Cover, Housing, Fan Manufacturing

    Site Services
  • Motor, Generator, Transformer Overhaul.
  • Motor, Generator, Transformer Partial & Complete rewinding.
  • In-Situ Dynamic Balancing.
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Current Spectrum Analysis.
  • Motor & Generator erection and alignment.
  • Steam washing.

    Turnkey Services
  • Offered for setting up of motor and transformer rewinding shop and insulated conductor manufacturing plant.