Rewinding of low/high voltage AC motors and generators

We provide rewinding services for all brand of AC motors and generators at in-house service rating from a fraction to 15MW and on-site service up to 950MW. For example, we rewind high voltage AC Motor by importing high voltage Resin Rich HV coil from ABB, New Zealand or India and wind it in the premises in a clean, closed room with positive pressure, air-condition, fridge and humidifier as required.

At SNR Engineering Service, we conduct all electrical tests such as PI Megger, HIPOT, surge, insulation resistance, winding resistance and ring test on stator coil for the hot spot. We also conduct No Load run tests at high voltage to determine the efficiency of the motors. All the tests results are presented along with service reports to our customers.

We conduct other tests such as radiograph test on the rotor bars, trueness test on the rotor shaft and dynamic balance test on the rotor.

Rewinding/Overhaul of DC shunt, series motor, traction motor and generator

We provide overhaul and rewinding services for all brand of DC shunt, series motors and generators, particularly GE 752, Toshiba, Gulf, SIEMENS, Mitsubishi traction DC Motor and other brands of DC shunt, series motors and generators.

We conduct all electrical tests such as voltage drop test on the field & interpole coils, bar to bar test on the armature, DC HIPOT test (after overhaul and varnish), neutral position check on other DC motors, bearing play test and no load test run.

At SNR Engineering Service, we use 15% silver alloy for brazing the joints after rewind/overhaul of the field coil, interpole coils and armature, and we undercut and deburr the commutator after the machine is shut off. We also service the carbon brush holder and ARMs. All the frames are treated with 40,000psi water jet and applied with epoxy primer & epoxy paint.